Released softwares
Open source development we support :
Dedicated servers

Find out how to get one of the best dedicated server hosting services available on the market. Have a 160GBytes transfer per month server for only $90 a month !
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Shared hosting
Shared hosting service with certified bandwidth, your own IP addresses + SSL + CERT for the same site hosted on both sides of the ocean : YES ! GPL.Host makes it possible for less than $5.5/month !
Domain Technologie Control
The GNU/GPL control panel everyone needs.
A MySql Logger and Auth for Qmail.
A Java file uploader to let people upload big files to your web site with a nice java progress bar and ETA. Works on ALL browser (even non-java ones).
A module that enables you to write apache's log lines into a MySQL database.
A CGI wrapper script that allows Web site hosting services to safely grant CGI authoring privileges to untrusted clients.
A performance grapher (CPU+Network) plus Python SOAP server to install in a Xen dom0 server for managing your Xen VMs directly inside DTC user panel. In other words: the key to a Xen multi-server control panel.

We support and help Open Source development that concerns web hosting. If you are a developer and wish to have a test server platform, of if you need a webpage for your project we can help you. We can also do some custom development on demand, modifying existing or building new tools.

GPLHost sponsors the hosting of the following projects :
aMPware : this wonderfull groupware project is done by someone not related to GPLHost. We have given a free webspace for this project, simply because it's so cool! (currently not resolving to the correct IP:
H-Iventory : a nice computer inventory software with XML clients that will send the information to the server when you launch them. Clients available for both Windows (tm), Linux and FreeBSD.