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Feel lost? You don't understand what all this is about and just need a website?
Don't worry, we are here to help you: helping others is our job. We would be verry happy to explain what the content of our package is made of.
You will choose us for our technical expertise, and you will stay because your hosting experience is with peace of mind and unprecedented support.

multidomain shared servers
multidomain shared hosting
Shared multi-domain hosting
shared hosting
shared multidomain hosting
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Our smallest package price :
  • 160MB of HDD space
  • 1GB of monthly transfer
  • Unlimited domains and emails
  • Free setup
GPLHost shared :
Your webspace will be hosted on the same server as other customers, sharing the same physical resource (such as memory and processor power).

With GPLHost, all shared accounts come with unlimited number of hosted domains, email, subdomains, etc.
Shared SSL with private IP
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Smallest package contains :
  • 160MB of HDD space
  • 1GB of monthly transfer
  • SSL certificate + private IP
  • Unlimited hosted domains
What is in it ?
Your webspace will be hosted like shared hosting, and you will get your own private IP address and an SSL certificate good for one year.

Pricing with SSL:
Each of your SSL websites needs its own private IP address. We charge 20 € for the IP fee, and another 20 € for the cost of the SSL certificate itself if you take it through us. Everything else is the same as shared hosting.
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
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Typical virtual server :
  • 8GB of HDD space
  • 128MB of memory (RAM)
  • 15GB of monthly transfer
  • DTC control panel free setup
  • Free setup
What is a VPS ?
Modern computers are sufficiently powerful to use virtualization to present the illusion of many smaller virtual machines (VMs), each running a separate operating system instance. In other words, a virtual server is an elegant and inexpensive way of having full control parts of the ressources of a physical server (you have the root access, as if you had a dedicated server).

GPLHost advantage :
For a better price, you get nearly the same performances as a full dedicated server, as we don't put too many customers on the same hardware: never more than 8 average accounts, less if the server has too much load.
Dedicated Servers
Now !
Typical virtual server :
  • 512MB of memory (RAM)
  • 2x80GB of HDD (using RAID1)
  • 15OGB of monthly transfer
  • DTC control panel free setup
  • Server setup $200
Why getting a server at GPLHost ?
Server management is not an easy task when working in a mission-critical environment. To understand all the aspects of web and mail hosting, you may need help or advice. GPLHost will help you to understand how web hosting works, and perform any necessary management of your server for free. Dedicated server solutions managed by our expert technical staff provide a hassle-free hosting experience with peace of mind and unprecedented support.
All these products include our unique hosting control panel. Unlike our competitors, billing is fair, as it's based only on real costs: storage (hdd) and bandwidth. Having a shared account hosting at GPLHost on our linux servers is not at all expensive - perfect for starting. Later you can upgrade to VPS or Dedicated with ease.

GPLHost:>_ control panel features
The following list of features does not include the root administrator functionalities (for dedicated servers). It's ONLY the one of multidomain shared hosting. Go to the hosting panel page of Domain Technologie Control for a bigger list of administrator's features.

Features for everyone:
  • Secured and safe hosting, thanks to many years of experience
  • 11 languages (currently: English, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian and Polish)
  • Hosting more domain names is FREE OF CHARGE (the customer adds it himself automaticaly), we do MULTIDOMAIN hosting here!
  • Mini control panel for email (password change, redirections, ...)
  • Charges are based on real costs (bandwidth), not on the number of domain names
  • Easy to use control panel with a very intuitive and unified interface
  • Insant Account Activation (IAA) thanks to Paypal API (your web hosting account in less than 10 minutes)
  • POP, POPS, IMAP, IMAPS and webmail access (IMP or SquirrelMail)
Features advanced users will love:
  • Support for PHP4, Perl, CGI-BIN, etc...
  • Free and safe usage of CGI-BIN libraries and custom upload of binaries thanks to SBOX which provides chrooted environement for CGI-BIN. It makes total server customisation possible: even PHP, perl versions or libraries can be chosen by the final customer. Use any php or perl version you like!
  • Dynip update function (for dynamic ip update on DNS)
  • Integrated domain name registration/transfer management thanks to Tucows API
  • Automated management of domains by the customer himself
  • Simplified mysql database creation/management for customers
  • Daily report of bandwidth usage per services and domain names
  • Webalizer web-usage statistics and raw-log access
  • Preview of unresolvable domain thanks to URL aliasing to make preview of your site before registration
  • Full MX, NS, ftp accounts, and subdomain automated management with instant (max 10 minutes) activation.

Professional technical support
GPLHost is committed to supportings its software. GPLHost provides professional support services for Domain Technologie Control, but also for any kind of software it uses: Apache, Qmail, Bind, etc... from the people who brought you the software in the first place.
Because Unix hosting is not something easy, we do Commercial Technical Control Panel Support for other hosting companies that use DTC. For more information on commercial DTC support or any other hosting service, please contact us:

mail: info [ at ]
phone: +1.302-213-1611

Or use our contact form