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Top class dedicated servers with free hardware management and control panel setup

Price here are without VAT.
Please add 20% if you are located in UK, or if you don't have a company in EU with a registered VAT number.
Package 1
Intel core2 quad on Supermicro PDSMU or PDSME+ motherboard
320 GB
monthly transfer
(equivalent to a continuous transfer of 1 Mbit/s)

HDD 2x500 GB SATA2
(software RAID1 and LVM2)

(400€ setup fee and first 2 month in advance)
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Package 2
Intel core i7 (8 threads) on Supermicro X8STi-F motherboard
640 GB
monthly transfer
(equivalent to a continuous transfer of 2 Mbit/s)

(software RAID10 and LVM2)

(400€ setup fee and first 2 months in advance)
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Package 3
2x Intel quad core Xeon on Supermicro X7DLC-3

1 TB
monthly transfer
(equivalent to a continuous transfer of 3 Mbit/s)

HDD 4x146 GB 15k RPM SAS
(software RAID10 and LVM2)

(490€ setup fee and first 2 months in advance)
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This page is for dedicated servers in Europe. All our dedicated servers would be hosted in Paris, if you need another location in Europe, please get in touch with us. For dedicated servers in other country (eg: not in europe), please go to global web site at


  • DTC control panel for easy configuration (setup and (on request) maintenance included)
  • Free operating system setup and support by our team.
  • Integrated KVM over IP and virtual media over LAN (see below).
  • For those who wish to resell VPS, we can setup Xen in your Dedicated server with no added fees. Keep in mind this is a very nice gift that the GPLHost team is doing with this!
  • Top notch hardware (see below).
  • In most locations, if you can provide justification, we can provide as many IP as needed (as long as the amount is reasonable).
  • Unlimited technical support (email + phone hotline + instant messenging + monitoring)
  • Slave DNS and MX service (if using DTC control panel) in another datacenter
  • Free file backup service automated if you are using our control panel, done over local network or within a local disk
  • Firewall and traffic control advice and installation (iptables and tc utility management)
Supermicro SC813T chassis

Top noch and safe server hardware:

Our platform uses standard 1U casing (or normal ATx tower chassis if hosted in Florida). Our experience showed that Supermicro hardware are VERY reliable, and we now use only this brand for chassis and motherboards. We take chassis with 512 watts PSU to make sure there is no risk of power starvation.


We currently host dedicated servers only in Singapore (South east asia), Tampa (Florida, USA) and Paris (France). We can host dedicated servers in other locations upon requests, but this can be subject to higher prices (ask a quote on our contact form).


Your bandwidth is fully burstable up to 10 Mbits in most of the locations where we do web hosting. Please get in touch with us to get an URL to do speed test in the location of your choice.

Supermicro integrated KVM over IP welcome screen. A click on the "Console" icone on the top starts the Java KVM applet.
Click on the picture to enlarge!
Supermicro virtual USB CD over LAN configuration screen.
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KVM over IP and Virtual Media Over LAN

The main problem when you have a dedicated server is when you have to reboot it, and then it doesn't come back online. This problem is now over thanks to the hardware that we have selected for you.

All of our new dedicated servers (and Xen servers) have a very cool feature: a KVM over IP and a virtual media over LAN.

With the integrated KVM, you can even go in the BIOS of your server to change some settings, deactivate a failed hard drive, and so on. You can of course decide to power up and power down the server. This also supports systems like Windows in resolutions up to 1240x1024 (even though we advise to never use such resolution it to speed up the access).

This KVM over IP is still to be considered as an emergency tool, rather than something you will use for your every day maintenance (for that, you should continue to use the normal remote tools like ssh, FreeNX, or Remote Desktop (R) that are faster and easier for every day use), but when you first taste it, you really don't want to hear about a server without it. It quickly becomes a must-have tool that will save you in the most troublesome issues.

The virtual media over LAN enables you to select a location where an ISO (cd-rom image) is saved. This can be a windows shared folder, or a folder shared with Linux using Samba (now to be called CIFs). Then this "network CD image" is seen by the server as an USB cdrom that is emulated. Using this, you can boot on any diagnostic CD-ROM image (like Ultimate Boot CD, an HDD-free Linux distribution like Knoppix and so on), or even boot on the setup CD of your favorite operating system.

If you don't have space to store your ISO file with a fast access to the internet, we can provide you such space for free (but of course, you will have to upload your file).

With the Supermicro KVM over IP and Virtual Media Over LAN, it's almost impossible to be stuck because of a software issue on your server: you will ALWAYS be able to debug it.

Operating system:

The above mentioned server comes with standard and minimalistic (to keep secure) Debian system preinstalled by our team of experts. Other types of Unix systems can be installed upon request. Only packages needed for hosting will be pre-installed to keep the install as secure as possible. The setup of our open source control panel for Debian Stable is included in every dedicated sever packages.

If you wish to setup any other operating system, and use any other software, we can still "try" to help you, but always consider it as a bonus and no obligation on our side. You should be able to setup any type of operating system by yourself using the Supermicro integrated KVM over IP and Virtual Media Over LAN, so you can do any operation by yourself.

If you wish to install an operating system with a paid license, this is your responsability to purchase the license (like if you wish to use Microsft Windows (R)).