Hosting services: server management and DTC business support
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Server management
Some think that GPL software means no support. This is wrong, company like us mainly survive with professional software support for small to big companies.
If you need support with the control panel, you have many options.

Free support:

  • First, you can ask in our forum, and somebody will reply to you for free, in less than one week.

Business support:

  • If you need less than one day resolution problem, you can register for instant messenging and email support by GPLHost. Application is $20 a month, for a enough support to maintain a server by a knowledgefull technician.
  • If you need us to take the root on your server, we will charge $50 for the first hour, and maybe then $50 again until the problem is solved. The deal is that you will never pay more than $100 until the problem is solved.
  • $100 is also the price for the panel installation by us.

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phone: +1.302-213-1611
mail: using our mail form.