Who are we ?
Market positionning
We know technology
We understand that every single customer of ours has specific needs, and most of the time big web sites require tuning and customization. We have experts capable of understanding your needs and helping you fulfill them. Jump to our partner database, which is full of good graphists and coders whose creativity is at your service.
GPLHost is a company that has two purposes. The first one is to deliver professional hosting facilities with high availability and security. We try to stick to the lowest prices of the market, and keep our services to the highest quality while other companies cut off quality to reach such prices. How do we do it? Simply by reaching the second goal.
GPLHost is contributing to the open source effort in building hosting tools. In many cases, large companies are offering services built on top of closed software, and trying to reinvent the wheel without innovation. We have chosen to actively take part in the open source comunity and collaborate with others. As proof of this, you can see the Debian QA page of the packages we maintain in Debian.
Using a product and facing the problems of a big web farm and network is the only way to have a better understanding of needs. We are ready to solve every problem and find a custom open-source solution. Thanks to this policy, the first tool that you can enjoy using is our control panel (DTC). This software's main goal is to give anyone hosting facility using open source technologies, but without having to understand how to configure all those nasty daemon config files. Other hosting companies already use DTC (or a customized version). It enables them to lower their costs and consequently the prices for the final customers (most hosters use very expensive commercial control panels). It's perfect for you if you are searching for a simple software to drive your dedicated server. DTC can manage up to thousands of accounts for web, mail, or ftp on a single server, accessed from any web browser.
More software and interfaces will be built in the future (we are already working on other projects to simplify the use of VPN, firewall and so on). Those free software developments will always provide ease of use, to deliver the best to more people, so that YOU have matters in hand.

GPLHost contributions to Debian
Over the years, GPLHost has become an active contributor to Debian. You can see a list of packages that are maintained by GPLHost directly in Debian here.

These contributions are all aimed at providing a better environment for hosting using Debian, and include software for managing a mailing list (MLMMJ), DKIM filtering (dkimproxy), web file management (the only one available in Debian: eXtplorer), mod_log_sql, SPF checking and grey listing (tumgreyspf), and lot's of PHP package.

GPLHost also participates in the packaging of OpenStack and Xen in Debian.

If you decide to host with GPLHost indirectly you are also sponsoring direct development in Debian and to freeing all hosting programs and tools.

GPLHost company history
The work on our control panel started in arround 2001 / 2002. When I (Thomas) started to work on it, I began to need a real server to host with and do some experiments. So I wrote on my personal web page that I was needing a server to continue my development. Then Daniel from iGlobalNetwork contacted me, and offered me a server to continue my developments, and then pushed me to start selling hosting on that server, as it was anyway consuming power and space.

Since then, few legal companies where registered (the LLC in USA in 2003, the Singapore company in 2005, the UK based company for all European operations in London in 2006) and GPLHost started to grow beyond expectations.

As of today, apart from the initial funds, GPLHost has always been auto-financed and is in a very good financial health. We keep adding servers every month, and we hope that our exponential growth will continue. Nearly all of our benefits are currently reinvested in buying new servers and space. We want to keep adding new locations to our hosting offer, which is already quite impressive (very few hosting companies can offer more than 10 points of presence to it's customers).

The fact that we are the leading open source software server hosting company makes us very special. You wont find any company like ours (at least, I didn't see any). Our software solution is (currently) the only one in the world that has reached major distributions like Debian or FreeBSD.

We strongly believe that our hosting applications are state of the art in open source, and we want to continue to deliver such free (as in freedom) software for the masses.

Selling as many domain names as possible is not the only way to evaluate a hosting system, neither best price. Here are our ambitions:
  • Become the provider of the leading open source solution for web and email hosting
  • Service to the local community and to the other users worldwide
  • Reliability
  • Technical excellence
  • Fast and simple administrative procedures
  • Easy introduction of new services and users (such as Xen VMs, web, ftp and email services)

All the graphical and textual content of this web sites is © GPLHost and it's branch companies, except the documentation and screen shots of the software we release in open source (those are in the FDL: full copy of the GNU Free Documentation License can be found on the GNU web site).