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GPLHost LLC is a registred Limited Company in the Delaware :

9 E Loockerman St.,
Ste. 205,
Delaware 19901
A worldwide service
Have you ever tried to reach a server in California from a host in Paris, transfer data via China, or to do ssh bouncing over continents? Yes? So you know ping delay have side effects, and that sometimes international connections lack availability. That's why we are building a worldwide service. For the moment, we have hosting facilities in both Tampas (Florida, USA) and Paris (France). We will soon be able to serve in Netherland and Canada, opening new partnerships and connecting to country's local backbones, very close to the ones that will connect to your web sites and servers.

Good prices for best services
Today's hosting market is just crazy. You can even host a small website for free, if you accept some conditions like advertizing. It's for naive beginners that believe they can have something good for (almost) free. But what about the quality of the services delivered?

Some other companies have crazy prices, selling a gTLD (.com, .org, .net) for more than $200 a year. This is for large corps that don't know about real internet costs.

Our policy is to reduce our costs to the minimum without letting you down on quality. You will get value for money, we remain very competitive and we have a fair-prices policy.

Unlimited does NOT exists
Maybe you saw adds like this: '$4 a month, unlimited bandwidth...' If you didn.t see one, you will soon receive one of those advertising as spam in your mailbox or see it as add banners in some sites.

Maybe at the first time you see it you think it's worth buying it. We'll see here it.s not possible. Don't be fooled by those offers, it's only lying, and we'll explain here why.

Well, having unlimited thing is nice, just like when you go have hamburgers you have 'unlimited' soda. Unlimited? Do you think that if you go there with a big truck you'd be able to be served with all the soda you want? Well, of course not! In hamburger restaurants the soda drinks are limited to what you can drink, so it's not really unlimited. And by the way, even you could take away some soda with you, there is a limited amount available in the store room, and once you take all, nothing is remaining right?

Maybe you think that all I'm saying is obvious, but if you think that is correct for hamburgers, why it wouldn't be for bandwidth? In fact it IS the same. You have to let enough bandwidth for other customers, and there is a limited amount of bandwidth available.

Even today's hard drives are big, that's truth, but it's space can't ever be 'unlimited'. Most of the time, hosting companies uses cheap hard drives, the same type you could use for home computing. You may know the size rarely more than 400GB at now, and the 400GB drives are not the most valuable in terms of data per dollars.

Everything is SHARED and that is why we call it SHARED hosting. The same thing applies for hard disk space and CPU usage, memory usage, etc.

You might then think: 'Okay, bandwidth is unmetered, not unlimited, just they don.t count and that's it...'

Wrong again. If your site becomes popular and your site consumes a lot of resource (let's say you are using too much bandwidth). You would agree that it would slow down the server right? It's just like if you where drinking all the soda in the restaurant. They won't let you do that, they must save some for other customers. Same for hosting: you'll get fired!!!

Hosting companies that does unlimited offers often have to tell the people using the most bandwidth to go away. Read carefully terms of service you agreed, you will understand that such offers DO have limitations, like .your site should not slow down other customer's websites by using too much resource..

If you don't believe us, just try. But remember that most of the time, you cannot be refund on such offers.

What's worth is that most of the time, the one that offer unlimited are the most bad offers available. Sometimes, if they do unlimited it's only because they don't KNOW how to calculate the costs.

What's then with GPLHost? We have developped a tool to calculate each user's bandwith for all different parts of hosting (http, ftp, smtp, pop3 and imap). That way, you know what you are paying for. Contracts are clear and easy to understand, and you pay only for what you consume, having a dayly report available in the hosting control panel.

Even more! Our goal is that your website is fast. Why? Simply because if it is popular, then there is a chance you want to upgrade your account, as you get more popular and do more business with your site, we will do more business with you too. That way, you can be COMPLETLY sure your site is well hosted with enough ressources.

Hosting system
Services you will enjoy here

Apart from standard servivces of shared and dedicated hosting packs, we have special offers that will give more power to your website. Indeed, here you can order a web site on a shared machine with your own IP address, and your dedicated bandwidth.
If you need even more power, we can give you a website hosted on more than one location (currently Paris and Tampas) so your data are delivered faster to those who browse your website. A special DNS configuration is done so customers in the USA will connect to the server in Florida, and those in Europe will connect to Paris. This can be ordered for both dedicated and shared offer. See individual package for more details.

Our plateform

All our shared servers are based on the Debian stable (woody) Linux distribution. All security update are made ontime, as soon as we recieve the security alert from the debian-security mailing list. We try to keep the debian system as unmodified as possible to ensure more compatibility with our customer test platforms (Debian stable is widely spread) and faster upgrade.
On top of that, we have designed an open-source control panel, called Domain Technologie Control, that we use for both our shared and dedicated servers. DTC enables easy configuration of domain-names, in a secured environement using mod_ssl, SBOX cgi wrapper and open_basedir php restriction. It controls Bind (version 8 or 9), Apache 1.3, php4 (always latest stable package from debian: see phpinfo() for details), qmail 1.03 (no need for vmailmgr, it runs as-is from debian's source package), and proftpd-mysql, plus addons like phpmyadmin and horde. Software can be added on demand if it fits in well in our system.