Our network
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Our partners woldwide
We have selected partners in strategic locations to be able to have a good internet coverage everywhere arround the world. This is possible thanks to agreements signs with company in which we trust.

In all location, we have staff available to take care of the hardware maintainance.
GPLHost uses the services of the following companies.

GPLHost worldwide network: Zurich, Switzerland, Nine Internet Solutions AG
FM200 fire protection Rack coridor
Zurich, Switzerland

Nine Internet Solutions AG

Data center:
colozuri.ch AG, www.colozueri.ch

Upstream network connections:
CHIX, Global Crossing

Backup power generators
Connectivity in Zurich is the best you can find in Switzerland. Our tests showed that Nine is really providing a top noch service, with megabytes per second even to Australia. We would recommend anyone willing to be in the center of Europe, but legaly outside of it, to host from this location. Connectivity to Germany is also excelent.

Thanks to a team of 16 persons, Nine is providing a very good support, with always an on-site engineer available. They also provide us with emergency hardware replacement in case of failure.

Also, in Switzerland, the right to privacy is guaranteed by the constitution of Switzerland, in article 13: "All persons have the right to receive respect for their private and family life, home, mail and telecommunications. All persons have the right to be protected against abuse of their personal data." You can read more about this here: http://www.privacyinternational.org/survey/phr2003/countries/switzerla.