Our network
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Our partners woldwide
We have selected partners in strategic locations to be able to have a good internet coverage everywhere arround the world. This is possible thanks to agreements signs with company in which we trust.

In all location, we have staff available to take care of the hardware maintainance.
GPLHost uses the services of the following companies.

GPLHost worldwide network
World Link Facility
Canyon Park Business Park in Bothell Washington, next to Seattle.

Internap, Global Crossing, Level3, Telia

Data centers:
World Link

Web site:
World Link

Always fueled, redundant
power backup Generators
Sitting on top of essentially an endless supply of fiber, WORLDLINK has established a Colocation facility like no other in the Seattle area. Facility is efficient and controlled by a service-oriented staff that take pride in the customer service they provide. All critical and non-critical facility and network equipment and systems are monitored 24/7 for a guaranteed uptime.

Private Fiber are Cross-connect to The Westin Meet-Me Room. Direct Connect to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) and Multi-Homed Tier 1 Redundant Connections. All Fiber connections are scalable to OC-48 Network. Wrold link is using the latest redundant GigaBit routers (full cisco High-End routers and switch network, state of the art fiber and Gigabit ethernet network).

Alltogether, the world-link collocation facility might be one of the best point of presence of GPLHost in therms of network connectivity.
Seismic braced cabinets
with full 360° ventilation
Remotely controlled
Card Key Entrance
Cooling systems with over 20 tons
of dual redundant environmental control systems