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Our partners woldwide
We have selected partners in strategic locations to be able to have a good internet coverage everywhere arround the world. This is possible thanks to agreements signs with company in which we trust.

In all location, we have staff available to take care of the hardware maintainance.
GPLHost uses the services of the following companies.

GPLHost worldwide network: anotherlight
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Rue Riquet, 75019 Paris, France


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Data floor
OVH is the 6th largest web hosting company in the world. We use them exclusively for our collocation needs, and we don't use any other services from them. All human work is performed by competent people we are used to work with, each of them having years of experience in the field.

Our rack is currently connected at 400Mbits to the backbone of OVH, and we are using a full gigabit switch (HP 2810-48) for the server connections.

Power in the rack is controled by 2 APC that can sustain 16A each, and that start servers one at a time in case of a power failure, to avoid surcharges. Global power consumption is monitored in real time.
Air cond Compressor Heat output Batteries Generator