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Yesterday, it was impossible to reach GPLHost network in Tampa around 2 hours at around 14h GMT. Here are the explanation of our network provider, showing the problem did not come from GPLHost's servers:
"Level3 had an outage in Tampa - although they were down, my interface wa showing up status - when this happened no fail over was initiated and routes and ARP caches did not clear. Traffic was going out to nowhere. This has since been corrected and will not be a issue any further." - D. Ribelin, iGlobalNetworks CEO -
Even after few (and hopefully short time) issues this year with Level3 (one of the biggest network worldwide), we strongly think we chose well, by working with iGlobalNetworks. We are working on providing full redundancy across data-centers for pop and static web content on top of the MX and DNS redundancy.
GPLHost is now working from network for it's tampa services. This server (node0103) has moved to new IP as well, and it will soon upgrade from woody to sarge (scheduled next week). Please verify your page are going to work under the new PHP 4.3.10. A new version of the control panel will be installed at the same time.
Network re-IP is scheduled for next week. All our Tampa's network will switch to our new Class C During a short period, will be in (a special server for this update) and then will move to